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Written by Jimmski   
Thursday, 12 February 2009 11:18

Who Are We? 

MVADGAAS are a group of chaps who like to have fun. Originating from the founder's stag weekend in 2002 the group has met yearly since to go on weekends away that always entail good food, good beer and above all good fun.

There are currently 16 members of MVADGAAS. A number which has grown steadily since the original nine went to Birmingham in 2002.


Our Rationale for our Events

  • All members are equal
  • Trips must be accessible for all members
  • We should all have a good time
  • Accommodation will be top quality
  • Food will be top quality and interesting
  • Beer and wine will be excellent
  • We will do some interesting stuff
  • Er..that's it. 


Current Members

Mr Brown  Marathon Man and Sapper


Big Truck Theatrical Director and Web Fiend 
Crispy Head of Music and Media and Saabs    


Ebay Minx    
Hitski     Back Pipe Engineer   
Jimbob     Professional Pig Wrestler  

Jimmski     Fun Manager    


Little Billy  Telecomms and Catering 
Mad Mike  Rabbit Skinner and Chief Brewery Designer  


Neek   Front Pipe Engineer and Wiimeister 


Raven DBA   DBA   


Lord ShepherdHonorary Member for Sydney South


Swifty       Hair Stylist 


Teacher ChrisMentalist Instructor  


The Hauf   Black Belt in Origami 


Wozza   Knots Specialist  




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